Sustainable business

Our courtyard cottages are situated in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Brabant.

Here at Aldörrum, we understand the need to preserve our natural landscape and do our best to work in harmony with the environment. We aim to reduce the amount of resources that we use, particularly energy and water, and to reuse things, either within the business or by handing them on. With a little care we recycle a lot of our waste and ask our guests to help us with this. We re-use, reduce and re-cycle.

The heat pump draws heat and cooling from the ground. The wood gasifier is available when additional capacity is needed. Solar water heating systems supplies our hot water and solar panels provides our need for electricity. Our mode of transportation is a full electric car, the Nissan Leaf.

We are proud that Aldörrum is energy neutral and doing our bit to redress the environmental impact of travelling. The accommodation is one of the factors of the Travel footprint.